Introduction: I’m Not a Newbie!

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Hiya there! In case you hadn’t seen this already from my newly improved sidebar, my name’s Michelle! I’m fifteen years old, and I’ve been blogging for 3 years.

You’re asking: wait. how do you blog?

I’ve been blogging using Blogger as my platform and still do, though this is my new blog that I’d eventually like to self-host. Eventually. I currently blog over at A Thousand Lives Lived, where I firmly believe that every read introduces us to a new life, y’know?


It’s not like I’m abandoning A Thousand Lives Lived. NO. I’ve worked so hard over the last two years to get to where I am, and this is a fresh, clean, new blog featured on WordPress that I’m going to use at the same time to gain followers, publicity and fun until I make the decision to self-host. It’s going to be a long process, but I’ve always regretted my decision to head onto Blogger instead of WordPress. There’s so many more things you can eventually do with WP! (Excluding the free host and themes that I’m using for now.)

I guess that as I’m writing this and learning everything, it’s a tough process and there are pros and cons for both platforms. It’ll obviously cost a lot more to self-host, get my own domain and theme as well as plug-ins, but I guess that as I feel that I’m getting more professional. If you’ve been blogging for more than a year and adore it, I’d say from my own experience that you’re a pro. 

A little about moi.

I live in Toronto, Canada, where summers are achingly hot (we’re currently in a horrible heat wave, so pray for my AC) and winters are brutal and it feels like Christmas from late October to mid-April. Yeah. I’ve been reading ever since I can remember, and YA is my favourite genre, where I preferably read contemporary-romance, high-fantasy, science-fiction, dystopian fiction and psychological thrillers. But I always kind of read whatever interests me or what covers are pretty.

So as you can see, I ADORE USING GIFS. They’re like the perfect explanations of my feelings and don’t worry; you’ll be seeing tons of them in my reviews and posts. You can never use too many, I firmly believe.

What else for me? I’ll be adding more about myself (since it’ll get too boring) onto my about page that I will launch, so if you’d like to ask something, leave it below in the comments! I’m happy to answer any questions.

What will my posts be like? (ie. formatting, length)

I adore writing so I guess that I won’t bore you to death unless I’m so obsessed with a book. But you will see a bunch of: gifs, quotes in blockquote format, gushing about fictional boyfriends and much more. I normally write a little over 1000 words for my reviews and like to fully explain my thoughts to get everyone going. I also post my reviews over at Goodreads, Google +, Twitter and Tumblr!

For now… that’s all! if you have any questions about me or the blog, you know where to ask them! *points below* or you can message me on twitter! i’m so excited to be posting on this blog and getting to meet some new bloggers, and staying in touch with the amazing ones i already know!

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6 thoughts on “Introduction: I’m Not a Newbie!

  1. Julia Anne says:

    Hey, Michelle! Loving the new WP blog so far. I also kind of regret creating my blog on Blogger. But who knows, maybe one day I’ll decide to make the switch as well. 🙂 Good luck with both of your blogs!


    • Michelle @ Key to Book City says:

      Hey Julia Anne! Thanks a ton! Hopefully I could build this blog up and eventually switch to premium! I am so jelly of the beautiful themes out there—including Peach Print’s, even though you’re on Blogger! Excited to start this and stay in touch! 😀


  2. Rachel Lightwood @ Quiet the Novel Idea says:

    Hey Michelle! I recognise your blog’s name but I don’t think I ever visited so this is hello!

    I started on a blogger too, and regretted it. It seemed liked a good idea at the time, but it upgrading and moving to WordPress when you’re ready to make that bigger commitment is a pain in the ass. I wish you all the best! I was lucky enough to win a co-blogging position with an established blogger (a WordPress user, thank goodness!) and we merged earlier this year with another blogger. Anyway, I hope this is the fresh start you need, and I look forward to seeing what you get up to.


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